Sorry we cannot accept cake orders delivering October 13-23

Image Submission Terms

  • Upload your photos, or photos with the photographer's permission of your dog only
  • Upload an original hi-res photo
  • Sorry no people or limbs (arm, hand, foot) can be in the photo
  • We will not accept artwork style images
  • We will not accept copyrighted material
  • We will not use your photos on our retail bags unless you select "yes make my dog famous" from the custom label ordering page.
  • Selecting "yes make my dog famous" does not guarantee that we will your photo our retail labels
  • You are welcome to make multiple orders (different photos, different flavours)
  • Once your order has been filled, we do not save your images (if you would like to order additional bags of custom labeled treats with the same image, please re-upload your photo and place a new order)
  • Custom labeled treat orders cannot be canceled 
  • If your photo is small too or low-res, it will print grainy, we cannot fix this
  • We cannot fix photos that are too dark, washed-out, or blurry
  • We do not make edits to your photos
  • We do not correct typos or spelling mistakes 
  • Centre your subject in the photo
  • Your photo may be cropped to fit into the image area (our image area is a square, submit a square photo for best results)
  • It's best to upload a photo with only one subject (photos with two or more dogs could result in a dog being cropped out)
  • Do not include another brand in your photo, we cannot advertise for them
  • Show off your dog's beautiful face, not their backside or underside 
  • Do not have filters, frames, watermarks or text on your image
  • Have a clean background in your photo 
  • Take your photo outdoors or in a well lit room
  • Make all your photo edits prior to upload
  • Double check the spelling of your dog's name