Gallery FAQ and Usage Policy

1. What are the terms of agreement to use the gallery?
We reserve the right to remove photos that do not follow the rules of conduct as posted here.

2. How do I post a photo to the gallery?

To post a photo to the gallery click on "Upload Your Dog Photos" to open the upload window, fill out the required information and check yes to agree to the usage policy. Click on "Upload Photo" in the upload window to submit. Your photo must be submitted as a png, gif, jpg, or bmp.

3. What can I post to the gallery?
Photos of your dog(s) only, your photos, or photos with the photographer's permission. Your artwork, or artwork with the artist's permission.  

4. What should I NOT post to the gallery?
Copyrighted material. If you did not take the photo, or get the photographers permission, or if you did not create the artwork yourself, or get the original artist's permission, please do not post it to the gallery. 

5. Dose it cost money to post my photo(s)? 
No, it is free to post your photo(s) to our gallery and you are not required to make a purchase even if we select your photo to appear on on of our retail bags. 

6. What makes you more likely to choose a photo? My dog REALLY wants to be on a label! 

  • Square is in! Due to the limited image area size, square photos or photos where the main subject can be cropped to square work best.
  • Go easy on the filters and Photoshop effects.
  • Is your dog cute? We LOVE cute dogs! 
  • Is it a well composed, classically styled photograph? We love that too! Unfortunately, we can't do much with a blurry, grainy, poorly lit photo.  
  • Also make sure to include your dog's name or Instagram handle so we can put that information on the label as well.
  • Please do not watermark or add text to your own images as it may get cut off during our editing process.
  • Dog's only please! We don't like seeing "body" parts such as a hand, foot, or arm, and absolutely no people can be in the photo.
  •  We don't like cluttered backgrounds, we want to show off your fun loving adorable doggie, not some junk in the background. 
  • Want to include more than one dog in the image? That's okay, just make sure that the photo can crop to a square format without cutting off the main subjects. 
  • Have a black dog and you're worried they won't show up? Try taking their photo outdoors with lots of beautiful natural light and an uncluttered background. 

7. How will I know if my photo is selected?
If your photo is selected we will email the contact address for each photo. Please make sure your contact email address is up to date and correct. 

8. If my photo is chosen for a label do you send me free treats? 
Unfortunately we can't send free treats with your label on it. Instead, we send the lucky submitee a handful of sample labels so they can see their specific label and maybe, with some luck they can find it randomly at one of our retailers.

9. Can I purchase treats with my photo on it?
Yes, absolutely! Regardless of whether your photo was chosen to be on our retail labels, you can still purchase your own bags of treats staring your pup! Check out our Custom Labeled Treats to get started. You can customize your treats in every way. Choose your pup's best photo, your flavour, and customized it with your dog's name or Instagram handle, and have it delivered to your door.