Best Treat Giving Practices

Best Treat Giving PracticesThere are lots of different kinds of treats on the market and we know that choosing the right treat can be ruff! Our artisan baked biscuits are handcrafted using zero added additives or preservatives. We only use wholesome and fresh ingredients that are healthy for Fido and every Candid K Nines’ cookie is made with just the right amount of love.

Here are some tips for giving your best friend the snacks that they deserve:

Avoid feeding your dog table scraps

Healthy treats are a great alternative for dogs that love to beg for table scraps. We know, we know - it's hard to resist those pleading eyes. However, you want to avoid feeding your little beggar table scraps that might be too high in sugar and fats, or could be potentially dangerous for them. Onions, chocolates, grapes, and raisins are among the many foods on the do not feed list.

Choose a treat with benefits

With our delicious tail-wagging selection of healthy treats you can please your puppy’s palate without upsetting their tummy. A treat such as our Simply Pumpkin biscuits is rich in fibre and low in calories. Plus, pumpkin is commonly used to treat dogs with constipation, diarrhea or loose stool.

Don't over treat

Occasional treats will not only excite your dog, but treats can also be used as a training aid, encourage good behaviour, and they also act as little gifts that you can give your dog when you feel like they deserve an xtra reward. However, treats are only meant to be used on special occasions and you do not want to overfeed your dog. Treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. You want to be sure that you are considering the health of your dog before deciding on a regular treat for them.

Ask your veterinarian

If you are unsure if the treats you pick will be a good fit for your dog's daily calorie and nutrient intake, ask your pet health professional. When feeding treats always monitor your dog and provide fresh and clean drinking water. Candid K Nines treats are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. 

Candid K Nines provides healthy, all natural treats. 
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